NIIKO X SWAE Drop Highly Anticipated Sophomore EP ‘Detention’

NIIKO X SWAE have been on a tear the last few years exploding onto the scene in style. Their recent hit tracks, ‘Serious’ featuring Train and ‘Everybody (Rule the World)’ with Tiesto and Tears for Fears have taken them to another level.

Now they are back with their highly anticipated 4-track sophomore EP Detention. This EP marks a significant progression from their debut Field Trip, showcasing a refined sound and distinctive style. Each track features vocals prominently around their unique house style.

Fittingly named Detention, the EP captures the essence of NIIKO X SWAE’s youthful spirit and adventurous exploration, while delving into a darker, club-centric electro vibe across its four house-heavy tracks.

Leading the lineup is ‘Rain’, their second collaboration with Canadian vocalist Mougleta. It blends monumental synths, infectious vocals, and electrifying drops to create a high-energy production that epitomizes NIIKO X SWAE’s artistic evolution. I am a big fan of this one.

‘My Head’ with Nick Schilder is more pop-influenced than the other tracks. ‘Feel The Way I Do’ I feel is the happiest record out of the bunch.

NIIKO X SWAE will have their largest headline show to date at the LA Academy on August 31st! They had this to say about the EP:

Our intent was to make a body of work you can drive to, cry to, jam out in the club to, and basically enjoy in any setting. We’re excited to share these songs because they portray our growth both inside and outside the studio.