EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 25

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Rafael Manga & Fabio Romagnoli – House Thing

Genre: House

The first entry on this week’s NMF comes from a returning pair: Rafael Manga and Fabio Romagnoli. Each with their own background and having rocked the scene for a double-digit number of years, they’ve come back to our series today after their stellar ‘The Future’, featured back in March.

House Thing‘ has that infectious House vibe — House from yesteryear, mind you. It’s got the groovy basslines, the fat claps, the rhythmic hats, the funky guitar lines, and even those iconic vocals, one narrated and the other falsetto-sung. It truly has that House thing running through its veins.

Jeremy Olander – Megatron

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno

Dark, groovy and space-themed. That’s the first whiff that we get from Jeremy Olander‘s latest signing, ‘Megatron‘. Having started strong with a landmark deal on Pryda Friends, he’s released acclaimed music, played iconic venues, and remixed top artists. Although he’s got his own imprint Vivrant since 2014, he sealed another record on Insomniac’s Interstellar today.

In a direction that is in some place of the fine line between Progressive House and Techno, the track chooses, instead of having many elements do things, to have as few elements as possible, each showcasing evolution and dynamism. You can hear phasers, flangers, band movements, and much more ear candy. Marvelous.

JONJEN feat. Livingston Crain – Enough For Me

Genre: Melodic Bass

We’ve got yet another artist coming back, three for three so far this week! San-Francisco-based Electronic producer and songwriter JONJEN was a part of one of our earlier compilations back in December, and he’s not ceased at all. His craft eventually got to the ears of Steve Aoki, which eventually led to a signing on Dim Mak’s New Noise.

Enough For Me‘ is JONJEN’s latest Melodic Bass banger, something heartfelt yet powerful in the areas it should. It includes the incredible vocals of Livingston Crain, who adds even more atmosphere and feel to a track that is already moving. We encourage you to blast this one during a long car drive!

Lady Gaga – Alice (Lit Wilson Relight)

Genre: Trap, Future Bass

Do you fancy a Re-Light? We sure do. Stumbled upon this one this week and was an instant match. Lit Wilson has been a Lady Gaga fan ever since the release of ‘Just Dance’ — oh, good times back then —, and he’s now decided to rework her 2020 track, ‘Alice‘, taken from her Chromatica LP. The work was so well done that the instrumental does not take over the vocal to allow it to shine, yet still keeps up with Gaga’s tremendously powerful, borderline raspy voice on this one.

Giving us a bit of insight, Wilson recalls: “When Chromatica was released (on my Birthday, 4 years ago), I sat in a dark room and listened to the full album in one sitting. When I heard the opening vocals to “Alice”, I felt chills run through my entire body. 4 years later, the song still resonates strongly with me, so I figured I would Re-Light it.

Blugazer – Borrowed Memories

Genre: Organic House, Melodic House

Jack Barrile, artistically known as Blugazer, aims to capture the essence dreamscaping. Layers of hazy textures, soulful melodies, and gentle yet danceable grooves weave together, beckoning you on a journey of both connection and introspection, allowing you to lose yourself in your own internal world.

Soft, shy and warm, this track feels like a hug when you’re alone in a dark corner. ‘Borrowed Memories‘ covers you and makes you smile again. Pianos, plucks, guitars, strings, and many, many more elements come together to form something really dreamy. The track is out now on Enhanced’s laid-back division, Chill.

Viligir – Miscalculation

Genre: Techno, Trance

We’re giving our second-to-last spot this week to Viligir, a Los Angeles-based musician who has been making a name for himself by blending genres like Progressive House and Techno, He co-founded World Tree Records to support similar artists, and alongside forsetî, goes by the name Fae Wild.

Far from what you might think by the genre description, ‘Miscalculation‘ is not a Tech Trance tune, and instead is a hybrid of the thumping beats of Techno and the atmospheres of Trance. It’s truly a journey, and one that is absolutely meant to be played out loud on the highest energy moment of a very heated club night.

Chidashi – Lonely (I Like the Way I Feel)

Genre: Drum & Bass, Future Garage

Closing this week’s NMF, we have Chidashi. A Seattle producer known for his diverse Dance music, he blends heavy Bass with sparkling Pop. It’s an elite pairing. His trademark sound combines rich textures, real-world nature samples, and captivating vocals to create tracks that are both powerful and intimate.

We were blown away by this one. Warm, oomphy, but at the same time so melodic, ethereal, and with tons of ear candy. That’s what ‘Lonely (I Like the Way I Feel)‘ is to us. It feels uplifting upon listening for the first time, and that doesn’t change the more you repeat it. Lovely tune for sure. The bells add that high end that gives the finishing touch.

Final Words

Stay tuned, for more of our compilations every Friday — based on demand. And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all the latest news and reviews that revolve around our beloved Electronic Dance Music!