MNTRA Brings Out Unique Sounds In ‘Hey, How Are You?’ LP

MNTRA, the innovative artist from the West Coast, recently released his latest LP, Hey, How Are You?, on June 14th via the What To Do record label, which DJ/producer Justin Martin operates. This LP contains 11 tracks and it showcases the musical production prowess of this must-hear artist, ranging from DnB to House. Additionally, Hey, How Are You? also provides an accompaniment from MNTRA in the form of a short film that the artist produced, which allows the streamers to mesmerize at the visual aesthetics just as much as they enjoyed the sounds of this album. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream Hey, How Are You?, an outstanding LP that proves why MNTRA is the first artist to feature on Justin Martin’s label aside from the label head himself.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Listen Up PR

Hey, How Are You? Shows How MNTRA Displays His Personality Through Music

MNTRA began his first steps in producing the Hey, How Are You? album in the spring of 2022 when he began teaming up with Justin Martin. The new partnership then resulted in Martin signing the innovative artist onto the What To Do label. As for the meaning behind the Hey, How Are You? album, MNTRA stated, “Hey, how are you?” – The age old question that never seems to get a direct answer. For the past few years, I’ve avoided answering this question sincerely. Either I don’t want to stress or bore the person asking, or the answer just seems too long-winded to be genuine”.

The artist later added more context by saying, “The album is the answer to this question for me, and it’s taken a journey of self reflection, pain, struggle, growth & failure to actually come up with an answer at all. Through the lens of love and un-actualized relationships, the album takes the listener through the struggles & triumphs of being an Artist, lover, or friend in the 21st century.” The album’s tracks are equally melodic and awesome to listen to, including ‘Spiraling feat. Victoria Rae’, ‘It’s Alright feat. Mitsuø and Luna’, and ‘Need You’. It is an album that is perfect for anyone who is really a fan of various genres and the melodies and beats that perfectly represent these genres, especially when they come together in one piece.