Marsh Releases Single ‘Floodlights’ Ahead Of Steam Train Set

Our favourite Deep & Progressive producer is back with a wave of news today!

Good, great, incredible news for all of you fans of Marsh! The longtime Anjunadeep contributor — who, by the way, hosted his own day stage in Gjipe, Albania this summer at Anjunadeep Explorations with artists such as Wassu and Guy J — is back on news delivery this week, as he managed to sneak an entire single into the internet, which came out today.


Best experienced on a warm, summery open-air dancefloor, Tom’s track today is a true nod to his earlier sound. Deep and groovy, yet not nearly as high-energy as recent tracks such as ‘Fulfillment’ alongside Ferry Corsten, ‘Floodlights‘, his latest, takes us back to the Lockdown Marsh — I might have premiered terminology here.

The song is a floaty ball of bliss, blending warm basslines with ethereal pads, slowly evolving textures, and rocking Tom’s signature hypnotic Trance pluck. To top it off, the vocals used further add to the delicate nature of the whole arrangement. It’s a soft track, clever and shy, but a true, elegant nod to the past, both looking back on Tom’s discography and the whole of Dance music.

“‘Floodlights’ evokes images of light piercing through dark, foggy forests“, Marsh says. “I first debuted the track in my Kew Gardens mix, and it quickly became the most replayed moment of the set! The idea started with an ambient, fuzzy chord progression. Then I began jamming with the iconic DX7 Solid Bass patch (courtesy of Myon) and quickly found the bass riff. Next came the vocals. I fell in love with the angelic, choral vibes, which added a special hook to the record! It all came together quickly and has been a joy to feature in my recent sets”.

A Steamy Set Coming Soon

Tom has made it a part of his identity to record DJ sets in beautiful places. But after an Estes Park immersed-in-nature set, Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, Castello Zamittello in Malta (my personal favourite), Kew Gardens in London, and even a cliffside gig in England and more, you would think he was running out of locations and concepts. Enter a steam train.

Once a point of discussion on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance back last year when Marsh stopped for a guestmix, sketching and planning became a reality, and we will see the release of a fully filmed DJ set from the historic Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways’ (FfWHR) Snowdonia Star on Thursday, June 27th.

The train holds a special place in Marsh’s heart, as his parents, Andrew and Jacqui, volunteered and worked for Ffestiniog. The set, filmed by Marsh’s friend and long-standing collaborator Sam, is exceptionally cinematic and showcases breathtaking views of the Welsh countryside. In fact, we’ve left a little extract of said set a few paragraphs above, which happens to be the moment Tom drops his ‘Floodlights’ single during the ride.

Listen to Marsh‘s ‘Floodlights‘ below for your Spotify play you know and love. Click this link to stream the single on your platform of choice. And be sure to come back on Thursday as we share Tom’s gorgeous set! We can’t wait.