John Summit Opens Up On Jake Shane’s Therapuss Podcast

Out Tech House superstar went from the busy clubs to a cozy studio, shoes off and everything.

Recently, Tech House icon John Summit joined the Therapuss with Jake Shane roster for a round of deep, friendly, and at times tipsy conversation. The programme is a talk show that injects humour into the world of therapy, offering a fresh approach to tackling troubles. Instead of the usual therapist guiding guests, Jake Shane himself becomes the patient, laying out his anxieties and life struggles.

The twist? The therapists are actually Jake’s followers! Fans submit their own problems through the show’s website, stepping into the “therapist” role and offering their unique perspectives and advice on Jake’s issues, as well as those submitted by other listeners. This creates a dynamic where relatable situations and anxieties are explored in a lighthearted way. The show doesn’t shy away from real-life challenges, but tackles them with a comedic touch, making it both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Session 27: Drunk with John Summit

Although the conversation spans over 50 minutes and various topics are approached, here’s a bit of an insight into what you can find on John Summit’s Therapuss episode, when having a listen yourself:

They talk about John’s upcoming album, Comfort in Chaos, which took him a long time to finish. John says he is relieved to have it done and feels it’s the best work he has ever done. John talks about how he premiered most of the tracks at Coachella and the positive reaction from the audience.

Summit talks about a deadmau5 concert he attended in 2011 which changed his life, inspiring him to become a DJ. He describes his journey into getting where he is now: learning how to DJ and making music while in college, and the struggles he faced initially, even recalling an occasion when his music cleared an entire dancefloor, and how he eventually found his niche in Deep House music with vocals, morphing over to his signature style of today.

Watch the episode in full by clicking the link below: