[Interview]Brigado Crew: More Than Music, It’s Symbiosis

As you may know, Symbiosis is the benefitial ecological relationship between two or more organisms. This allows for both species to thrive in a hostile environment. No no, we don’t mean to bring you back to biology class. We want to introduce you to Brigado Crew‘s up and coming project. The Argentinian duo sat down with EDM Tunes for an exclusive interview to discuss Melodic Techno, their Symbiosis label and events, and their inspirations for their body of work.

You just played in Belgium at a festival. How did it go?

BC: Good, good. Luckily it went very well. First festival here in Belgium and everything turned out very nice.

The Melodic Techno genre has been standing out in the English language and with respect to your musical repertoire, many of the vocals in you songs are in English. Do you think it is easier to produce songs in English?

BC:Yes, the grace and the power of English more than anything, anyone can understand it in the world. However, we have a new production with a Spanish vocal and it’s a gamble to see how people react. We already did a remix to an Argentinian band called Peces Raros. Now we have a new collaboration with them and it’s a gamble to see how it is received by listeners. That leads to our other question, because I feel that it is a little easier to have a larger audience in English. Do you think that to be successful in this genre, there is that pressure to write in English? There’s pressure, but In electronic music in general, let’s say, 80-90% of the tracks that have vocals are in English. It’s already the default. Obviously not 100%, but 80-90% sure.

You have mentioned before that your brand, as such, your style, is very based in the music of the 80s in a futuristic sense. What are other sources of inspiration for your music?

BC: Well, we are always attentive to what is playing by other artists and others, rock in general, that’s why we also have indie, that’s also why we are related to the guys from Peces Raros. And well, we are also always attentive to national and international artists. Whoever is within reach to be able to collaborate. We are very open to collaborations. We have always been very confident that more than one artist can collaborate a lot, can contribute a lot to of creativity. So we are always looking for inspiration on that side, with different artists, listening to Indie music in general, electronics in general, and well, also strongly influenced that way.

You have plenty of tracks with Crisstiano, so I wanted to talk more about how you got to work with him and what keeps you working with him?

BC:Well, we’ve been working with Crisstiano for a long time. Basically, there is a friendship with him. And well, apart from that, there is a very good chemistry when working in the studio. He is also a great DJ and electronic music producer. And well, over time a flow of work and a very good chemistry was generated we rescued that, as Brian said, we like to have that situation of being able to collaborate and work also with other artists, that in this electronic music is more individualistic.

The DJs, the DJ world is more individualistic, unlike the world of bands, where the musicians who work on a song, we always liked that, that there are other heads, apart from ours. Of course we also have songs where it’s only Brigado Crew. But Crisstiano is a long-time work friendship. We benefit from it, and very good things come out when we produce together.

A lot of the cities you play in are located in South America and Europe. We wanted to know, how does each place perceive your music?

BC: Well, the audience varies a lot, as I said, it depends on the region. Obviously, everything related to Latin America, the audience is warmer, closer, maybe they ask you for more messages on social media, they ask for photos, they scream more. On the other hand, in Europe it’s a little colder, more distant. However, we are grateful that there is always good feedback, we’ve always had a good relationship with the places we play in.

We have not been unlucky enough that a venue doesn’t book us again. We have always come back. I think, almost all the clubs, in some festivals we have played once alone, We’ve played in almost every club. We’ve played in some festivals just once, because the festival didn’t return the following year. And the reception is good. People ask you for a song before the show. They send you a message, saying they want to hear this or that. So we’re grateful that we’ve always had that feedback of 7 or 8 requests up on each show.

Have you toured in the US?

BC:We are starting the process of the artist visa which is a basic requirement to be able to enter the US and to be able to go and do our work so we haven’t had a tour in the US for that reason.

And I have noticed that a lot of DJs such as Nora en Pure or Solomun have played your songs in the United States. When you come to the United States you will be welcomed. What is your vision for the project Symbiosis?

BC: Well, let’s say that it all started with that possibility that you mentioned, of our album. At that time we were thinking about a concept, we liked the symbiosis concept, we believe in it a lot. It also comes a little to the conclusion of what I was telling you before, this of the joint work, of many heads thinking for a result, for an end. It’s something we’ve been bringing up since the beginning of our career. We say, well, let’s work together to reach a certain goal. Let’s add someone to add a certain idea, and among all of us. Basically, what has to do with symbiosis.

BC: We released our first album, called Symbiosis, with the title track. We released it on a very well-known label worldwide, based in Germany, Steel Wall Talent. And well, as a result of that, we started to think about also having our own brand, our own label. And we said, well, why not also, since we started with that concept that our first album was called Symbiosis why not also put our record label Symbiosis so we started last year in April it was the first release we had in Symbiosis. Now we are about to launch the 8th single. Time Slave was the 7th. We will have many releases to come in the next months, with great artists and parties of the record label so very happy with that project that goes in parallel to Brigado Crew

You already have some collaborations that are releasing soon. What are other artists that you’d want to work with?

BC: We have talked about doing things with the guys from Township Rebellion, Citizen Kain, Idylwild, but due to time issues we haven’t done anything. We also know that this year is very busy, we don’t want to neglect our original songs. We have remixes to do, we have everything about the label, the party, so with Citizen Kain for example we talked last year to work together, we started it and then it was kind of frozen because we have had too much going on and we have not been able to concretize it.

We wanted to know where you get most of your inspiration from? Besides the idea of Symbiosis, everyday things in your life or some hobbies you have that have influence your sound?

BC: Basically, the ideas that we have ideas for the parties we do. We want the symbiosis concept to be in everything, from the music, the visuals, so that people can interact with us, the artists, with the merchandising, with a lot of things so that when people go to the Symbiosis party, they can say, this was a different party. It was a party where I felt a part of, where I could interact with the DJs. Where the DJs seemed to be connected with us, not only in music, but in a lot of other things. So, based on all that concept, the idea of the party comes, and the idea of everything we have to do from here to the future.

We’re really excited to see your next parties when you have your visa approved. That’s our time for today. This was EDM Tunes with Brigado Crew, until next time.

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