Glastonbury Speculated To Take A Year Off In 2026

The iconic Glastonbury Festival, a beloved UK tradition, is taking a break in 2026, marking the first pause since the pandemic. This temporary gap allows for an even more spectacular return in the future. The upcoming festival, from June 26-30, promises an unforgettable experience with headlining performances by Coldplay, Dua Lipa, and SZA at the renowned Pyramid Stage.

Located on the picturesque Somerset dairy farm, Glastonbury has captivated music enthusiasts since 1970, making it a cherished cultural phenomenon. Spanning over a thousand acres and featuring more than 62 stages, the festival has a significant impact on the natural landscapes of Worthy Farm. This break offers an opportunity for environmental restoration and ensures that future festivals can continue to enchant music lovers for years to come.

Photo Credit: Anna Barclay

“Fallow Year”

The “fallow year” concept is an important tradition for the Eavis family, allowing the land to take a well-deserved break from the Glastonbury Festival every few years. This break, typically occurs every five years, was last observed in 2018. But due to the impact of Covid, the event was postponed in 2020 and 2021. Emily Eavis mentioned in the BBC Sidetracked podcast that the next likely gap year will be in 2026. This break not only benefits the functioning cattle farm but also allows the land to rest and regrow, ensuring the festival’s sustainability for years to come.

I think it’s important, I think it gives everybody time to just switch off and the public as well. Then you kind of go away for a bit and it feels lovely when you come back. And I think it’s quite good not to be seen to be cashing in

Emily Eavis

Glastonbury Festival holds a special place in the Eavis family, with Sir Michael Eavis founding the festival in the 1970s. Then his daughter Emily Eavis continuing the tradition, referring to Glastonbury as their “lifeline”.

Glastonbury 2024

The festival recently announced its full lineup and stage timings, featuring some exciting changes. This includes the replacement of Arcadia’s fire-breathing spider with a giant dragonfly, the return of the Genosys stage to Block9. Honey Dijon will be headlining the Genosys stage on Friday. Additionally, this year marks a monumental addition with the opening of Glastonbury’s first dedicated South Asian space in Shangri-La. Explore the stage-by-stage schedule for all days here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to the full podcast with Emily Eavis here. Glastonbury will return in 2025, details to follow later this summer. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your daily dose of dance music updates.