Flashmob Announces Debut Album Sundown, Lifts First Single ‘Twin Flames’

Some pretty heated hybrid House tracks are coming your way this autumn.

Great news for all House lovers out there! Today, Irish-Italian DJ and producer Flashmob has announced he’s been crafting a longer piece of content, in what will become his debut artist album, Sundown. Alongside the announcement, he’s lifted the first single out of the LP, ‘Twin Flames‘.

A future-focused Electronic musician, Flashmob blends 90s influences with fresh sounds. After success with tracks like ‘Need In Me’ and ‘Watch Me’, he’s not resting on his laurels, and is instead extending this philosophy over to his record label, Flashmob Records. A true point of interest of his while showcasing his craft is achieving a result the crowd can sense and understand as authentic, so that the dancefloor moments are enjoyed in their entirety.

‘Twin Flames’

The single out today, ‘Twin Flames‘, is Flashmob’s first nugget of content towards Sundown, his first-ever album, which is arriving in October. He describes the LP as an exploration of his own soul, and a way to share the music that brings him peace. Sundown was not planned either. As Flashmob himself recalls: “Covid had obliged me to reset, stay home and think about who I am, what I do and mainly why I do it. Why did I decide to get into this in the first place? It wasn’t to be famous nor to make money… I was only looking for happiness”.

Why unveil ‘Twin Flames’ before any other track? Flashmob explains it embodies the core reason behind creating the album. He says it represents liberation from creative restrictions, allowing him to produce a song that he’s been given by a singer. “To make it how it is supposed to be — without following a trend, without imposition, and without a label in mind. Just complete freedom, and this is why it’s the first single: it’s a statement“.

Just complete freedom, and this is why it’s the first single: it’s a statement.

-Flashmob, on releasing ‘Twin Flames’ ahead of the album.

Long-time collaborator, Laila Walker, provides the soulful vocals which sit on top of a stripped-back production, allowing the finer details to take centre stage in this groovy, late-night cut. Walker, whose career credits include touring with Beverley Knight, adds a real depth of emotion to the collaboration, enabling the deeply personal approach that Flashmob has taken with the album to shine through on every beat.

She describes ‘Twin Flames’ as “a song about meeting a kindred spirit whilst being under the influence of anything and everything. It’s about the recognition of another’s soul at a time when you’re tipsy, honest and vulnerable. It’s about speaking that truth simply because it can’t stay in anymore. It needs to come out with some urgency. It’s a story of the night and open to every interpretation. It’s about telling a secret out loud, accidentally on purpose and momentarily not caring about the consequences”.

Listen to Flashmob and Laila Walker‘s brand-new ‘Twin Flames‘, a first insight into a future Autumn favourite, his Sundown LP. Click the Spotify button below to give the track a listen, or click here to support the release over on Beatport. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music industry.