Ferry Corsten & 22Bullets Meet Couché On Latest ‘Belong To You’

The latest from a living legend of the genre is out today for the world to enjoy.

Ferry Corsten is a name synonymous with Trance music. Having established himself over two decades ago, his influence on the genre, as well as the entirety of the Dance spectrum, is undeniable. From the iconic System F hit ‘Out Of The Blue’ to the moving melody of Gouryella’s ‘Anahera’, Corsten’s hand has been there for a lot longer than one could say about the vast majority of artists rocking the charts today.

With nine studio albums under his belt, Ferry has taken his sweet, sweet time slowly lifting the veil on the contents of his tenth long play, Connect. For close to a year now, we’ve been able to enjoy, one track at a time, a very welcome return to the roots of Trance, a genre that Corsten himself helped define. Imagine the uplifting melodies and driving rhythms of the golden era, meticulously crafted with the production techniques of today. This fusion of past and present is the intention of this album.

Ferry a few months ago at the ASOT 2024 weekend.

Ferry himself added in our exclusive interview with him a couple of months ago, “The album has the bonus of pleasing older fans who have been longing for that old Ferry sound for a long time“. Check out the rest of our deep, introspective chat with him, right here.

‘Belong To You’

After tracks like ‘Yes Man’ and ‘Fulfillment’ alongside Progressive star Marsh, he’s teaming up with 22Bullets to unveil the seventh piece of the album, ‘Belong To You‘. A very fast-growing talent in the Dance scene, 22Bullets has had releases on labels such as Spinnin’ and Dharma, and even collaborated on a track released on the latter with none other than the owner of the label himself, KSHMR.

Featuring the vocals of Henrik Heaven, directed and produced by Couché, the track seamlessly blends aspects of Trance, Deep House, and Progressive House, for an excellent finish. Gated pads, soft arpeggios, and even a playful spin on the classic ‘Insomnia’ pluck all make an appearance, and once again prove Ferry’s words back in December were 100% based on what he envisioned with this album. Sublime, as is the norm.

In conversations with Couché, he told us, “Henrik is someone I’ve always loved to work with, he can do anything from R&B and K-Pop to Big Room EDM. He’s got such a soulful vulnerable, cool touch to his voice, with amazing control. This made it a breeze for me to make it sound good.

“I did my best to make the vocals sound as euphoric and big as possible, with harmonies that feel like a hug. Really happy about how the record turned out, and big thanks to 22 and Ferry for an amazing job on the collab.”


Listen to Ferry Corsten & 22Bullets feat. Couché’s ‘Belong To You’ down below for your Spotify play. Also, click this link to support the track on your platform of choice. Be sure to check out our May interview with him, and stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views regarding our beloved Dance industry.