EDMTunes Best Albums of 2024 So Far

Can you believe we’re already past the halfway mark of 2024? Time is flying, but one thing that remains constant is our favorite artists’ consistent release of full-fledged albums. Every year, the writers and editors at EDMTunes carefully select the top picks for the best albums of the year. We do this both at the midway point and at the year’s end. Below, you’ll find our favorite selections for the best albums of 2024 so far. Did your favorites make the list? Check out our picks below!

5. Gesaffelstein – Gamma

The French legend Gesaffelstein released his fourth studio album, Gamma earlier this year. The 11-track project offering a diverse mix of dark techno and unexpected synth-pop and vintage rock’n’roll tracks. It marks an evolution in Gesaffelstein’s sound that’s worth exploring.


4. Justice – Hyperdrama

After a long 7 years, Justice returned with their fourth studio album, Hyperdrama. The album has a daring sound and takes listeners back to the 90s. Time travel is a signature Justice move, as the serrated synth in ‘Generator’ zaps us back in time. With standout tracks like ‘Dear Alan’ and ‘Incognito,’ the album promises a nostalgic and rebellious experience. Plus, collaborations with Tame Impala add another layer of excitement to this 13-track LP.

3. Vintage Culture – Promised Land

We had a close competition between the second and third spots, and Vintage Culture’s debut album Promised Land took the third spot. This highly anticipated LP, in development for four years, flawlessly combines house and techno with Vintage Culture’s distinct sound. The 16-track album features standout collaborations with house duo Goodboys on Chemicals and Moments Alive. Another notable track is Come Come with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce. We hope you enjoy this celebration of Vintage Cultures roots through Promised Land.

2. Anyma – Genesys II

Anyma’s much awaited Genesys II offers a profound exploration of his signature themes encompassing technology, nature, humanity, and their interconnectedness. This 21-track double-sided LP includes seven new originals on Disc 1 and 11 remixes from both Genesys and Genesys II on Disc 2. Anyma has collaborated with Tobias Gremmler and Alessio De Vecchi to create a compelling visual experience that complements the album’s themes, showcased at his electrifying Los Angeles and Miami shows. Can’t wait for him to showcase these visuals at Tomorrowland.

1. Sultan + Shepard – Endless Dawn

Our EDMTunes family has been massive supporters of the extraordinary duo Sultan + Shepard for many years. When I tell you that Endless Dawn claimed the number one spot by a massive margin, I assure you, I’m not exaggerating. Last week, the duo’s third studio album released its remixed version via This Never Happened. Standout tracks include ‘All I Know’ with Julia Church and ‘Highest Love’ with LANKS. It’s no wonder that Sultan + Shepard claimed the top spot. We truly hope you derive as much satisfaction from this album as we do.


There you have it – our picks for the Top 5 Albums of 2024 so far. For more on all things dance music, be sure to follow EDMTunes on our socials.