Dive Deeper: Le Youth’s Hypnotic Remix of ‘I’ll Be Here’

It really can’t get more serene than this. As we continue festival season with hard sounds and increased bpms, sometimes it’s nice to breathe and decompress, so we can rage harder. Sultan + Shepard & Elderbrook’s ‘I’ll Be Here’ (Le Youth Remix) is that precise fresh air that revitalizes you. What else can we expect from Lane 8‘s ethereal This Never Happened label, other than four melodic daddies caressing our eardrums.

I’ll Be Here, Always

Sultan + Shepard have had an incredible run with their 2024 album Endless, Dawn. The original ‘I’ll Be Here’ with Elderbrook delivers the magic of unconditional love. A bittersweet romance that may weigh on you at times but you continue to show support and devotion to that being. Los Angeles native DJ Le Youth spins his own rendition of the track. While adding a deeper bass and unique reverbs, the essence of the song is channeled through the melodies. As a result, you have an incredibly emotional song that we can all relate to one way or another. Knowing that these DJs are great friends and they support each other’s music consistently adds more depth to the craft needed to make music. The artistic connection these individuals have with each other is truly remarkable.

More of Le Youth

Le Youth isn’t just a name in dance music, he’s a driving force. With a staggering 350 million streams across his releases and remixes, he’s graced some of the genre’s most revered labels – Lane 8’s This Never Happened, Anjunabeats, Armada Electronic Elements, and countless others. Each track is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the sound.

Inspired by the melodic depths of Lane 8, Ben Böhmer, Sasha, and Eric Prydz, Le Youth crafts music that transcends the setting. Whether it’s a cozy night in or a euphoric dance floor, his music finds a way to connect. Fueled by a recent exploration of vintage studio gear and synthesizers, he’s rediscovering the raw energy of analog sounds. This, coupled with his fearless experimentation, has led him to forge a sound that’s both distinctly his own and utterly captivating. Le Youth isn’t just making music – he’s creating experiences, and inspiring a generation of music lovers along the way. (source)

More of Sultan + Shepard

A serendipitous meeting in the twilight realm of a Montreal after-hours club in 2002 sparked a musical connection as luminous as a neon dream. Ossama Al Sarraf and Ned Shepard, their creative souls intertwined, embarked on a journey of sonic alchemy. Original compositions and ethereal remixes swirled into existence, their first song finding a sanctuary on John Digweed’s revered Bedrock label.

The world became their stage, a nomadic symphony traversing the hallowed grounds of Tomorrowland, Ultra, and EDC. Recognition from their peers arrived like celestial blessings – a Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording (Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven‘) and two Juno Award nominations for Best Dance Recording.

A return to their roots, a melodic house and progressive renaissance, unfolded. Lane 8’s This Never Happened became their new haven, and Dialekt Radio, a platform for their sonic explorations, was born. Singles and EPs materialized, collaborations with kindred spirits like Jon Hopkins, Angela McCluskey, Shallou, and Le Youth blooming like vibrant wildflowers. (source)

More of Elderbrook

A live phenomenon with a heart full of melody, he pours his soul into every note. This multi-talented artist – a master of instruments, production, singing, and songwriting – crafts music that resonates with a gentle touch.

His songs explore the tender themes of self-discovery, finding peace within, and the joys of parenthood. With over 1.5 billion people captivated by his sound, Elderbrook’s music has garnered Grammy and Ivor Novello nominations. He’s shared the stage with incredible artists like Jungle, Rüfüs Du Sol, and Odesza, and collaborated with musical luminaries like Camelphat, Diplo, Bob Moses, and Black Coffee.

But what truly sets him apart is his adventurous spirit. Elderbrook isn’t afraid to explore different musical landscapes, a testament to his ever-evolving creativity. He’s a forward-thinking talent, confident in his voice, and always seeking to connect with listeners on a deeper level. So, if you’re looking for music that uplifts, inspires, and speaks to the heart, look no further than Elderbrook. (source)

Don’t be afraid to let go, because I’ll Be Here