DIM KELLY Releases Exquisite ‘Homily’ EP On All Day I Dream

The label mainstay aced his ADID production once again.

Great news comes from one of the finest Organic House imprints out there — All Day I Dream. This Friday sees the awaited release of a trio of tracks coming from one of the label’s most consistent producers: DIM KELLY. The Homily EP, as it’s been titled, once again explores the top-notch techniques and sounds of the artist, currently in his fifth year as a producer under the name. Talk about growth!

Keeping his pace of an ADID EP a year strong and steady, the time has come for his 2024 contribution, after his past EPs Nocturna Animal in 2021, Mangrove in 2022, and Pianologic in 2023. The EP doesn’t only see him as a standalone act, though, for he brings Belgian musician Mondingo and Maya Safar’s soft voice to the package.

Kelly recalls the creation of the EP had been happening for quite some time. He says, “As always, I try to convey emotions through my music. When I heard Mondingo’s voice two years ago, I was completely blown away by it. His voice has a depth and emotion that really touches me, so it was only natural that we did something together“.

“I composed the music, sent it to him, and two days later, he sent back the vocals, which I loved. ‘Homily’ existed.”


The Homily EP

With a total runtime of over 21 minutes, you can be sure each of these tracks will take you on a journey (which is my favourite part of these releases — we’ll talk about it someday). Through warm pianos, playful percussion, and just enough stellar elements, the record tells a different tale every 7 minutes, approximately.

DIM KELLY – Homily EP Tracklist

  1. Homily with Mondingo
  2. Like When We Love with Maya Safar
  3. Rising Child


The title track, ‘Homily‘, which gives the EP its name, is one of those IDs you will recognise from artists from the ADID roster all over the world during the past months. I may have listened to this one on Lee Burridge’s Burning Man 2023 set, I’m not sure. But what I’m sure of is this is not the first time I have listened to the fantastic atmosphere this track brings. Mysterious, taking away a sense of closure keywise but still giving the proper warmth Dim is famous for. Modningo’s vocals add a whole new layer of flavour, and actually, not only complement the track, but complete it.

‘Like When We Love’

If I had to pick one of the three for me, this is the one. Daring and energetic, ‘Like When We Love‘ crosses over to Afro House territory, and uses the piano resource in quite a different way from its brother, giving a much more playful, groovy feel, and serving as a top element instead of a supporter. The final touch is how Maya’s voice takes turns with other elements, such as a background trumpet and airy strings, to make the entire release shine to new levels.

‘Rising Child’

I know I picked the previous track as my favourite, but I need to highlight just how beautiful the arrangement is on this one. ‘Rising Child‘ is pure Organic bliss. From the shy percussion used, to the warm bassline driving the song, the vocal beds, and the octave-lowered strings, this might be the most elegant of the bunch, diving into a completely different dimension of depth. Little tracks can actually pull off these lower strings, and this one is most certainly a perfect example of HOW to do it. Lovely.

Final Words

Listen to DIM KELLY‘s latest three-tracker, Homily, down below for your usual Spotify play. Also, click this link to stream on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music world.