Apple Gives Up on Vision Pro 2

According to The Information reports, Apple has suspended work on the second-generation Vision Pro headset. This was done to focus on the cheaper model. Considering the first model cost $3,500, this is not all too surprising. There are not many people on this planet willing to spend that type of money on a headset. I think we all were on the same page to wait it out as the technology will only get better and cheaper.

Apple has told at least one supplier the news which led to these rumors. Analysis and supply chain partners have flagged slow sales for the Vision Pro 1. The company is currently working on releasing a more affordable vision product in 2025. Apple was originally going to make two models similar to its iPhone line with a “Pro” model and a “standard” model.

The objective is to sell the cheaper model for around the same price as a high-end iPhone, which retails for up to $1,600. Apple has produced no more than 500,000 Vision Pro units this year, with no plans to make significantly more than this through August.