Alesso Remixes TikTok Hit ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’

Alesso has officially joined the TikTok wave. At least as far as remixes go. Shaboozey’s song ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ has been killing it on TikTok for the last few months. It has done so well that it is all over the radio and in DJ sets. it has soared up the Billboard charts as well. It loosely resembles the early 2000s hit by J-Kwon ‘Tipsy’ that first stated “here comes the two to the three to the four.”

Of course, Alesso is no stranger to a great remix. He made his remix of ‘If I Lose Myself’ basically his track rather than OneRepublic. The newly engaged producer unveiled his new remix of the track earlier this weekend. David Guetta also joined in with his own remix.

Alesso’s is super groovy and really adds that house element we were craving for. It stays wonderfully true to the original but with Alesso’s signature flair. It goes perfectly hard without going overboard and still stays feel-good like the original. The drop will get your feet and body moving instantly.

This remix will legitimately slap anywhere in the U.S. if played. Our TikTok-crazed minds love this. Make sure to check it out below!