Afterlife Employing No-Phones Policy for Ibiza Residency

Afterlife and Tale of Us spearheaded the movement towards show that incorporate high quality visuals that are an important part of the show. A big reason for the growth in popularity for Afterlife can be traced to Anyma and the visuals that are paired with his music. Over the past year or so, debate has raged over whether this is a good or bad thing for dance music. Comments frequently criticize the sea of phones recording the visuals during Afterlife and Anyma shows. The discussion grew so much that Anyma mused whether he should adopt a no-phones policy at his shows. Now it looks like Afterlife is going for it.

Today Afterlife teased the first event of its Hi Ibiza residency and dropped a big change at the bottom of the flier. At the end of the short clip, you’ll see a no-phones logo at the bottom of the poster. Follow the link to the page for the show and you’ll see it spelled out clearly. It reads “This is a phone-free event, live in the moment”. It remains to be seen how this will be enforced, but it follows a trend that has grown in 2024. Space Miami’s closing fiesta featured a no-phones policy but encouraged people to bring old-school disposable cameras. Some venues will place a sticker over the camera lense, others will place your phone in a locked bag, and some will check the phones at the door. You’ll see the info appears on the page for the entire residency, so it should be applying to ever show this season. How do you think Hi Ibiza will be enforcing this and what do you think about the change?