French Dance Veterans Reunite Founding Fenomena, Debut Single ‘In Your Eyes’

80s nostalgia coming to your table today from the hands of masters at work.

It’s no secret that the Dance music industry is in constant change: where projects become obsolete, they give way to new sounds to arise and conquer the ears of listeners worldwide. This often happens with quote-end-quote “newcomers“, names you’ve never heard of rising to the top and innovating with modern techniques and arrangements. But how cool is it when a new project comes backed with endless experience?!

When veterans collide, exciting — and at times even more daring — pieces come to life. A fair case in point would be Of Love And Lust, which we strongly suggest you check out. But today we bring yet another living example of those experiments gone incredibly right. Meet Fenomena, a brand new act in the French Touch and Electronic-Funk scene, but evincing familiar faces.


Fenomena. Credit: Linda Bujoli

The band is comprised of three members. For one, it features David Vincent and Nico Bogue, both established artists with extensive history at Ed Banger Records. The third member, you may ask? If the line “Love might, bring us back together” has been engraved in your head with an inseparable melody, you absolutely know who he is. Enter Benjamin Diamond, he who marked generations time and time again with his iconic participation on the vocals of Stardust’s ‘Music Sounds Better With You’.

Fenomena’s debut single, ‘In Your Eyes‘, saw the light of day not long ago. And it didn’t come alone. Anticipating how huge of a movement the band promises to become, they’ve announced they have an entire album’s worth of tracks coming your way later in the year.

‘In Your Eyes’

The first of many compositions to come as a direct result of three old friends carrying a crazy idea to fruition, ‘In Your Eyes’ is a true call to the past, and a motorway to nostalgia. Diamond’s unique voice effortlessly evokes those long-lost feelings of simpler times, all while surfing on a delicate pairing of synths and guitars. If you told me this song was released sometime between the late 70s and early 80s, I would 100% believe you.

You’ll get a warm shower of all those sounds that described the future half a century ago. The filth of the chords, the galactic guitars, the robotic vocal layers… it’s frankly a work of art. It even fades to silence at the end!

Diamond says the band’s genesis responds to “A desire to have fun, yes, but also the idea, quite quickly, to make a beautiful record, a beautiful album… A record that we want to listen to“. Bogue further explains their sound came as a well-received surprise, even to themselves: “[While] listening to the first titles, we were amazed by the modernity of the sound. Catchy melodies, obvious potential for the dancefloor, finesse of the arrangements, perfumes of Paisley Park, seventies sparks“.

Final Words

Listen to Fenomena’s ‘In Your Eyes’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided, or head over to YouTube to watch the official video, featuring captivating drawn visuals. Also, click this link to stream the single on your platform of choice. And don’t forget to stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.