Eric Prydz Closes BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend With Numerous IDs

In a truly marvelous display of music, Swedish DJ Eric Prydz delivered a great set for Day 1 of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2024. Also known for his Techno and Trance aliases Cirez D and Pryda, the DJ debuted lots of new music, ahead of his upcoming HOLO show debuts in Argentina and Colombia.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend

BBC Radio 1 brought out yet a brand new stage for this year’s Big Weekend. Many incredible artists brought their A-game, including Hanna Laing, Diplo, and Sonny Fodera. Of course, the Mouseville Records founder had the honor to close out their new music stage on their annual live show. The set consists of Prydz’s signature sounds, including his unique progressive rhythms and euphoric synths. However, lots of the melodies have been unheard of. We are thrilled to experience new Prydz music, especially building up to his HOLO show premiers in South America later this fall.

More of Prydz

Eric Prydz is absolutely crushing it right now! He’s become an undisputed kingmaker, leading the charge with his labels Mouseville, Pryda, and Pryda Friends. These imprints are gushing with underground club anthems, leaving dance floors begging for more.

Hold on to your hats, because Eric’s at the helm of three powerhouse labels. Their releases are the hottest tickets in town, consistently selling out mountains of vinyl – a phenomenon in today’s market. You could say these labels are the avant-garde tastemakers of the industry, shaping the future of Electronic music.

But it wasn’t always about the charts. Each label was meticulously crafted to be Eric’s own creative playground, a space free from outside pressures. It was about taking a step back, reconnecting with his music, and letting it flow organically, on his terms, his time. This artistic freedom was paramount to Eric, a way to reclaim control of his sound and legacy.

The labels themselves embody this underground spirit. Forget the blaring promos and intrusive press — it’s all about the music and the meticulously crafted label identity. This raw, authentic approach has become a recipe for unparalleled success. (source)

What do you think? Are you ready to be blown away by a magical audiovisual experience? Until then, explore Eric Prydz’s new sounds on the official BBC R1DW player, right here. And act quickly! The mix will only be available for 25 days.