The Iconic ‘Café Del Mar’ Gets Two New Remixes From Orbital And Michael Mayer

A dancefloor timeless classic just got reimagined by quite the heavyweights.

Looking back a couple of decades, certain songs grew to be turning points in the history of Dance music. Acts such as John Summit’s appearance changing how we perceive Tech House, or how Afterlife came by and redefined Techno from the warehouses and dark rooms to the open air, although recent, are clear examples of points in time when music changed.

And perhaps one of the first huge turning points in Dance music came with the Trance movement back in the 90s. Kind of like the 80s equivalent in Electronic music, so many iconic tunes come from that decade. ‘For An Angel’, ‘Children’, ‘Played-A-Live’, and so, SO many more. Well, one of those special tracks in Dance music history has got to be Energy 52‘s timeless ‘Café Del Mar‘.

Café Del Mar

The 1993 release became an absolute anthem of Trance. Produced by German DJs Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby and named after the famous Ibiza beach bar, the track became synonymous with the island’s euphoric, sun-kissed club scene. With its mesmerising melodies and uplifting harmonies, it became a staple for DJs at sunset sets the world over. It even topped Mixmag’s ‘Top 100 Tunes of All Time’ back in 2001.

The double-edged sword of a classic track is precisely that. Everybody loves it, and everybody wants to get their hands on it. Can you count the amount of remixes they’ve done to ‘Silence’ over the years? Me neither. That’s what I’m talking about. With a track with such a rich history, it’s bound to happen that over the years people flood the internet with their own takes. And it’s tough to separate the “meh” from the really good renditions.

Well, two really good renditions were just unleashed today. Meet the remixers, Orbital and Michael Mayer.


Pioneering British duo Orbital, known for their ground-breaking live shows and seminal tracks like ‘Halcyon and On and On‘ and their remix of Golden Girls’ ‘Kinetic‘, are still shaping the scene after three entire decades. Their 2024 album — Orbital (The Green Album Expanded) — and following tour show they can blend modern sounds with their signature style, solidifying their legendary status.

Their take on ‘Café Del Mar’ is a nod to the past, a lovely blend of elements from yesterday that are so tasty when combined. Highly resonant saws meet the soft plucky tones of the original track, surrounded by nostalgic pads, all resting gracefully over a Breakbeat platform. A true example of minimalistic productions gone absolutely right. No element is a filler: every sound has a purpose.

Michael Mayer

One of the largest in Cologne’s scene, Michael Mayer co-founded the influential Kompakt label. His work spans genres as varied as Microhouse to Ambient Techno. Renowned for his meticulous remixes and collaborations, he adds yet another milestone to his discography today.

His remix explores all things hypnotic, tribal, highly energetic and uplifting. Back to the four-on-the-floor vibe, Mayer’s take makes use of more open synths, slightly distorted drum patterns, white noise, and delivers something that we can only describe as the perfect in-between of past and present.

Listen to these banging new remixes for ‘Café Del Mar‘, courtesy of Orbital and Michael Mayer, below. Stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance industry.