800% Peak: Daytime Clubbing Interest Is At An All-Time High

Daytime clubbing is not only becoming a thing, but also a trend.

Here’s one for those who love going out and partying every now and then, but don’t want to sacrifice an entire day coming back down to Earth. A recent note posted by Startle suggests the usual clubbing-by-night schedule could be making a shift, a change in era if you will. The brand claims the term “Daytime Clubbing“, and daytime parties in general, have seen an increase of 800% regarding online searches.

As straightforward as it sounds, daytime clubbing involves taking your sweet moments of relief and unwinding from the late hours of midnight and beyond, to a much more friendly time when the sun is still shining. The site states there are a handful of factors that could be the cause of this phenomenon, at least in the UK, a country where events like Day Fever live in a permanently sold-out state.

Appeals To A Wider Age Range

Partying during the day hours is much easier to handle. You don’t have to go out of your way and break your usual routines to stay an entire night out until the sun rises and you go to sleep for half a day. This is not only easier to do for newcomers to the scene, but it also has a direct benefit towards people aged 30 and up, who don’t really fancy chugging an entire bottle of hard liquor at 6 in the morning and breaking schedules as often as the teenagers do. There are jobs to fulfil, there are families to take care of, and there are other Saturday plans than just recovering from a hangover.

Nighttime Clubs Are Closing Down

A report by the Nighttime Industries Association shows that one out of every five nightclubs in the UK has closed its doors in the last few years. That’s unfortunate, but it also opens a possibility to shift these lost instances of leisure elsewhere. In true EDM spirit, the logical thing to do would be to accommodate those in need of a good musical time with new ways of clubbing, and this opens the possibility to innovate. Enter daytime partying. Roll credits.

Double Objectives And Creative Charities

It’s no secret that times have turned south financially speaking. Inflation is eating up the value of our hard-earned bucks, at the same time that organisms are getting more and more creative at taxing citizens. So it’s natural to see a decline in activities that involve giving away money, such as charities. As an extra dimension of originality, some daytime events have started tying themselves to different charities and other means of raising money — and creating experiences — for a variety of causes. Objectives like raising funds for those in need, or providing a safe space for the elderly to have a chat and a ball thus fighting loneliness, are some of those offered via these parties. And so, you’re basically helping others while helping yourself.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Are you a hardcore fan of the night and night shows only, or would you be open to trying these daytime parties? I personally think the bridge has already been built, with open-air events such as the Anjunadeep series often taking advantage of scenic landscapes all over the world. In the end, what could come out of this is a more united community. Is anyone against it?

[H/T] Startle

Cover image: Luke Dyson