REZZ Releases Darkest Album Yet: CAN YOU SEE ME?

Canadian DJ, producer and head of the label Hypnovizion: Isabelle Rezazadeh, known by her stage name REZZ has just released her next album: CAN YOU SEE ME?. Her darkest project yet, CAN YOU SEE ME? arrives just ahead of REZZ’s huge upcoming headline performances at Miami Music Week, Phoenix Raceway, The Brooklyn Mirage, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Mission Ballroom. The singles from this highly anticipated album — featuring a myriad of collaborations — have been making waves on social media as fans geared up for a new darker era of Bass music from REZZ. Listen here.

“This [is] the heaviest Album of mine. Typically I sprinkle some Singable songs into my projects, but this one [is] just intended to be [heavy, dark], industrial and rhythmic.

– REZZ via X

The album cements REZZ’s irrevocable position as one of Dance music’s foremost female artists. Featuring the likes of Subtronics, Blanke, EDDIE, HOLLY, INZO, Digital Ethos, CYCLOPS, and Kavari, REZZ continues to prove that she is more than a match for the male-dominated sub-genre. The 10-track project, which Rezazadeh describes as the “strongest album of her career”, capitalizes on the unique lane she’s carved for herself within Electronic Dance music. Instrumentally led and crafted with her live performances in mind, CAN YOU SEE ME? goes beyond her haunting builds and hypnotizing drops as she explores the future of Bass music. It’s worth noting that this project was created in a new custom studio inside a small all-black shed outside her Toronto home, and we declare ourselves super excited to see what else this little house of horrors will cook up in the future.