‘Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy’ Is Launching

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, the world’s most popular electronic music festival, is now unveiling its very own virtual academy for prospects who want to become DJs/producers and who will headline main stages one day. This spectacular new program’s official title is, ‘Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy’. This ‘Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy’ aims to be an educational platform where future Electronic music stars will learn the techniques and vast skillsets to build up their musical craft.

To learn more about this exciting virtual academy, visit Tomorrowland Academy’s official webpage which details the many features that the program will bring to its students. To register for this academy, click this link. Prospective applicants have the choice to choose the “Online academy membership”, which allows them to pay €15 per month, or they can pursue the “Exclusive masterclasses & Wall academy”, which is a pay-as-you-go option.

What To Look Out For In The ‘Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy’

The academy is not just for prospects looking to learn how to become well-trained producers. Experienced veterans can also join the academy to enhance their developed production techniques so they become world-class artists. Additionally, some of the features in the academy include participating in thoroughly detailed courses on DJing and producing, augmenting their discographies, sample browsing, and organizing demos.

Furthermore, the courses that the students will learn in this academy will become beneficial for their future career successes. Whether the students are established artists with immense discography or passionate local DJs/producers who have aspirations to become skillful artists, the material they will learn is something they can pass along to other individuals who wish to gain the same knowledge as well.

Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy
Image Courtesy: Tomorrowland