Kiesza Returns with Epic Dance Pop Anthem ‘Dancing and Crying’

Kiesza, the Canadian powerhouse behind the billion-streaming hit ‘Hideaway,’ is back with the title track of her upcoming album Dancing and Crying, Vol 1. Co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter K Sotomayor and ace producer Sugar Jesus, the track seamlessly blends Kiesza’s dance music roots with the showstopping pop vibes of Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue.

‘Dancing and Crying’ is more than just a catchy tune. It’s a journey, an “opus” in Kiesza’s own words, that bridges the gap between her folk songwriting roots and the pulsating beats that made her a global star. The track reflects her artistic growth since ‘Hideaway,’ showcasing a fusion of genres that promises to captivate longtime fans and newcomers alike. This is just the beginning of ‘Dancing and Crying, Vol 1, and the electrifying title track sets the stage for an unforgettable musical adventure. Get ready to move and groove, because Kiesza is back and fiercer than ever.

“My new song, “Dancing and Crying” was the initial spark that launched this upcoming volume of music. It was the first song Sugar Jesus and I began, and the last to be completed for this volume. “Dancing and Crying” is an Opus. A series of contrasting musical ideas, woven together by a foundation of house beats and basslines, bridges the gap between my folk origins and the dance music that marked my place on the global map. When my close friend, Grammy-nominated songwriter K. Sotomayor, joined our bite-sized writing team, we revisited this song with fresh ears. Together, the three of us brought it to completion, with a new perspective on the journey we had embarked on, both together and individually. So, in a way, “Dancing and Crying” is both the beginning and the end of Vol. 1. You can think of this title track as the MC of the show, preparing you for what lies ahead. This song is the catalyst for all that has come and will come to pass in this chapter. From its womb came the vision as a whole, from which all else has and will unfold.” – Kiesza