Uber Arrives in Ibiza Tomorrow

Quit counting your drinks if you are driving in Ibiza next week onwards! Ride sharing aggregator Uber is poised to launch in the party capital. Launching from 29th of November, the service is forecasted to expand with a larger number of vehicles coming in. The number of cars on the island currently stands at 14.

Samara, Russia – June 8, 2019: Uber taxi goes down the street in the afternoon. Modern city taxi

Uber has already started approaching taxi drivers in Ibiza to register and become one of their operators in the vicinity. The neighboring island of Formentra is also in future plans for expansion of services. A 12% commission fee for each trip is to be obtained by Uber. However, drivers will be tendered with €150 for their first 25 trips.

As we do in other cities in the rest of Spain, we open the availability of our service to the taxi sector, to any other fleet of a company with VTC [licenses] or to self-employed people who have a [VTC] license

Uber’s director general in Spain and Portugal, Fernández Aramburu to DJ Mag

Existing Uber drivers who also refer another colleague will be rewarded with 300 euros, subject to the latter being selected. A license is also a mandate for those being employed by the company. Two categories of services will be introduced initially. These are Uber Comfort and Uber Van with a threshold of four and six passengers respectively. There is also an option to book your car as much as 30 days prior.

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