Fatum and Binaryh Unleash Addicting Techno Banger, ‘Tyrant’

Fatum and Binaryh are two Techno duos who just released a, guessed it, Techno banger, ‘Tyrant’, that is a must-hear for anyone who loves the genre. Before getting into a short review of the track, which came out via Octopus Recordings, here is a little background about the two duos. To start, Fatum is a duo from the United States that used to be a quartet and, according to an entry on RateYourMusic the duo comprises of Bruce Karlsson and Daniel Davis. Additionally, Binaryh is a Brazilian Techno duo that is composed of Rene Castanho and Camila Giamelaro. Their bio on Resident Advisor shows that their upcoming festival will be at Afterlife Chile on New Year’s Eve.

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Aphelion Music/YouTube

‘Tyrant’ from Fatum and Binaryh provides that extra boost to one’s night and day

Regarding the track ‘Tyrant‘ from Fatum and Binaryh, it started off very strong before it mellowed down near the one-minute mark. Then, the kick drums in the track unveiled a club vibe that felt like it could provide that awesome feeling inside an underground venue. However, it is also a track that can be played in any setting at any time of the day.

Anyone who likes Electronic music (or is aware of the trends in the industry) can see how Techno, no matter the style, is becoming very popular these days. As a result, one can possibly hear ‘Tyrant’ at a bigger venue as well, not just at the aforementioned Afterlife Chile but also also festivals such as Tomorrowland, Coachella, UMF, EDC, and much more. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link above to hear this amazing track, which can be the perfect start to one’s day or end to the night.