DIM KELLY Returns To All Day I Dream For ‘Pianologic’ EP

A genre-defier Organic four-tracker comes to be KELLY’s yearly duty on Lee Burridge’s imprint.

We recently discovered a little compilation of sounds that caught our eye. Well, technically, our ears too. And our minds. And it is all because of DIM KELLY, a musician from Brussels, who has spent the greatest portion of the last quarter of a century involved in this kind of art. He’s done it all, from Classical, to Hip-Hop, and, of course, Electronic music.

The co-founder of Mansion Playground Studios took to arguably the greatest Organic House imprint out there, All Day I Dream, to release a creative EP, Pianologic. The four-track album marks KELLY’s annual trip to ADID for the third year in a row, after releasing Nocturna Animal in 2021, and Mangrove the year which followed. This time, he’s joined by young artist Stereoclip, and vocalist and composer Maya Safar.


DIM KELLY – Pianologic EP Tracklist

  1. Pianologic
  2. Preach The World with Stereoclip
  3. The Stream
  4. Nuit D’Amour featuring Maya Safar


A fun and dynamic piece, the opening track — and the one which named the EP — is all about piano lines, as you’d expect. But not in the way you’d expect: far from the usual melancholic piano lines, this one uses a register an octave below feeling to ensure a fast-paced half-compass loop. Pair that with the Afro-House-tangential percussion moving behind, and you’ve got the blend of a lifetime.

Preach The World

Soft, elegant, and captivating. ‘Preach The World‘ is DIM’s sound coming together with Stereoclip’s elements, to form a track that borrows a thing or two from true Deep House. And well, that’s what this track is in a nutshell, Deep House in disguise. It’s one of those songs that make you say “Mmmmmmmmmm“.

The Stream

KELLY’s third track on the EP, ‘The Stream‘, brings an aura of uplift and relief to the table. While still carrying the more solemn aspects of its predecessor, this tune shines a light on brass-imitating sounds, melodic sustained plucks (if that makes sense to describe a synth), and a rich, deep voice.

While producing this track, I felt the tropical warmth of the Louisiana night mangrove- even though I’ve never been there!“, says KELLY, when remembering the time of producing ‘The Stream’. He adds, “It was in this context that I immersed myself during its creation, adding a deep and solemn voice that reminds us that music is a space to share love, grace, and joy“.

Nuit D’Amour

The EP closes in style, hugging you with its warm, loving arms. ‘Nuit D’Amour‘ even features children’s voices to soothe you. Co-composed by longtime friend and collaborator Maya Safar, whose vocals are present here, this song makes sure to break mixed emotions down into a series of ingredients: pads, hopeful pianos, space-resembling FX, at-times dark lyrics, and infectious percussion.

Listen to DIM KELLY‘s spectacular Pianologic EP below by interacting with the Spotify block below, or click here to support it on your favourite streaming platform.