Cosmic Gate’s Classics ‘am2pm’ And ‘The Truth’ Get Killer Reimaginings

New Versions Premiered As Part Of The Duo’s 11.10.23 Bali Sunset Set

Into the autumn, the GRAMMY-nominated duo returns with fresh music, a new run of shows and one unmissable, autumn-blues-banishing livestream.

If a revisit to ‘The Truth’s caught you unawares, we reckon you’re in good company, as Cosmic Gate have held plans for its ‘2.0’ plenty close to the chest. However, it’s what Nic & Bossi have done with it that’ll be more unexpected still. In a momentary departure from the deeper/cooler sound of late, they’ve 2.0’d ‘The Truth’ into a main stage techno anthem. Something of a revelation ‘The Truth’s return might be, but Nic and Bossi’s timing with the release couldn’t be more deliberate. As its broodingly technotic vocal intones, “the truth is often hard to find / the truth, it brings you to the light”, and in 2023’s truth-blurring AI world, its 2002-message could hardly be more relatable.

To give this 2.0 the introduction it deserves, Cosmic Gate have ticked another next-level livestream off their wish-list. After streaming sets from Miami, Mexico, Ibiza and New York (where their 2020 set has already clocked up 14million Youtube views!), this time the boys are Bali-bound. There on Oct 11th, Nic and Bossi soundtracked another exceptionally picturesque Indonesian sundowner. Naturally, pride of place amongst its 2hrs of enrapturing deep house, melodic techno and raw, hypnotic and deep trance will be ‘The Truth 2.0’.

Having given ‘The Truth’ their ‘2.0’ treatment, Nic & Bossi shifted remix-focus to a more recent CG anthem. Since its 2016 debut ‘am2pm’s come a long way in the hearts of fans – after ‘Fire Wire’ and ‘Exploration Of Space’, it’s CG’s most loved-‘n’-streamed release on Spotify.

However, since this instrumental titan first graced floors, the GRAMMY-nominated act have moved to their deeper, more ‘MOSAIIK’-shaped sound. So, while ‘am2pm’s star has been rocketing, it’s been trickier to set-program … and that could mean just one thing!

While the Cosmic Gate x Anunnakis connection goes back a decade or more, this might be the first time you’ve come across the Argentinian twosome. If so, safe to say it won’t be the last! Studio-wise, the pair have been on an intense production run over the last 12 months, inking-to and releasing on labels like Avanti, Black Hole Recordings, FSOE, UV, Perfecto and VANDIT. Now they’re stepped up for their first major remix … and given their history with Cosmic Gate, it could hardly be a more fitting one.

Those paying closer attention might already have picked out Anunnakis’s ‘am2pm’ rework as the ID pearl in the shell of Cosmic Gate stunning, mid-October Bali sunset livestream. Anunnakis have curtailed ‘am2pm’s primetime thrust, approaching it with a more progressively brooding mindset.

There’s no better time to hit up the Bali for CG’s livestream (via Youtube, Facebook and Twitch) and you can purchase or playlist Anunnakis’ brilliant refinement of ‘am2pm’ right here and/or ‘The Truth 2.0’ from October 13 here []