Echonomist Releases Synth-Driven, Electro-Pop LP on Innervisions

Greek DJ and producer Echonomist just delivered a full-length album, entitled Secret Places. Out today on Innervisions, Secret Places highlights the producer’s synth-driven sound as he ventures even further into the realm of Electronic Pop. The album, which features guest musicians Alexandros Miaris, Avangart Tabldot, and Nadia Ali, showcases Echonomist’s unique approach to songwriting. It blends Ambient sounds with Techno and Indie-Electronica to create a world of diverse textures and crystal-clear melodies.

The Album

The album kicks off with ‘A Sunday Morning (Intro),‘ a beatless ambient interlude formed from warm pulsing synths and a gritty granulated mist that softly peters out, clearing the way for a blast of low-end. ‘A Different Frame’ follows, offering an altogether different trip. A collaboration with trio Avangart Tabldot and multi-instrumentalist/composer Alexandros Miaris — frontman of London group Electric Litany — the track features pearly falsetto vocals over a finger-snapping groove, snaking bassline, and fizzing synths. Alexandros appears on another three Secret Places tracks, including the haunting ‘When In Rome,’ ‘Empty Hours,‘ and the alluring title track. ‘Secret Places’ is an electro-burnished gem with a heart of Pop, existing at the threshold between Indie and Dance.

On ‘Crabby Equipment,’ Echonomist plunges deeper into the ‘80s for a noodly Synthwave stopover, before paying tribute to one of his musical heroes—the late legendary fellow Greek Vangelis Papathanasiou—on album standout ‘High End.‘ Crafted during a studio session in São Paulo and featuring the hypnotic voice of award-winning singer Nadia Ali, ‘Falling Head’ reaches for Industrial Techno paradise. Finally, closing track ‘Unchain Melody’ delivers a fittingly emotional payoff with its soothing synth line and audio sample.

Tour Schedule

Echonomist is currently touring the globe to spin at clubs and festivals across Europe and the rest of the world. His appearances include Zamna (Tulum), (Ibiza), Caprices Festival (France), Fabric (London), Tek Support (New York City), Space (Miami), Stereo (Montreal), Mayan Warrior (Burning Man), AHM (Beirut), Alemagou (Mykonos) and Audioriver Festival (Poland), amongst many many more. You can the producer’s full touring schedule and get more info here.