CloZee Releases Sonically Charged Album, ‘Microworlds’

Today, Odyzey Music label head, CloZee, has finally unveiled her highly anticipated third album, Microworlds. With her unique blend of mystical sounds and hypnotic melodies, CloZee takes her listeners on a mesmerizing journey to imaginative, utopian places, pushing the boundaries of her emotive and spiritual bass stylings.

CloZee has earned a reputation as a sonic storyteller, and Microworlds is a testament to her artistry and creativity. The album serves as an exploration into CloZee’s escapist mind, where each track acts as a microcosm of sound, time, and space, capturing symbolic moments through sentimental soundscapes. The album is inspired by her abstract outlook into her own life, transferring key moments of her life into sonic soundscapes.

On the album, CloZee said, “Microworlds is my third album, created in about 2 years. It’s been the longest process to write an album so far, as it’s the reflection of so many shifts in my life. After overcoming the longest writer’s block of my career, I tapped into a lot of my memories and past stories to write those songs. It’s been a hard but incredible inner journey. I hope it will resonate with people, create new memories for them and become the soundtrack to some of their own life experiences.”

All throughout the 12 track body of work, CloZee invites her listeners to embark on an aural odyssey, leaving behind the confines of reality and embracing the limitless possibilities of her escapist realm. This album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a transformative journey that invites us all to delve deep into our own memories, emotions, and aspirations.

Listen down below and enjoy!