San Pacho & Mike & Me Come Together For ‘Beat Go Bump’

Croatian artist San Pacho has been at the forefront of the Latin house subgenre since his emergence into Tech House. His latest collaboration with Mike & Me, titled ‘Beat Go Bump,’ once again showcases his unique and exotic sound design. Released on Matroda’s Terminal Underground, this track is guaranteed to get club-goers moving and grooving to the beat.

‘Beat Go Bump’ kicks off with an irresistible blend of percussion layers that immediately captivates the audience. The inclusion of funky vocal samples adds to the track’s clubready vibe. San Pacho and Mike & Me are known for their mastery of drum elements, and they fully unleash their skills in this instrumental masterpiece.

The song seamlessly weaves together electrifying sequences of bass drums, snares, and bongos, creating a pulsating rhythm that is impossible to resist. ‘Beat Go Bump’ will transport you to the heart of a jungle. This track is perfect for the Summer and I can see the Caribbean loving it too.

Make sure to check out ‘Beat Go Bump’ below!