Purple Disco Machine Releases ‘Bad Company’ Single

Purple Disco Machine released a new single, titled ‘Bad Company’, via Sony Music Germany/RCA Records. Following the release of ‘Substitution’, his collaboration with Kungswhich is currently leading the radio airwaves across Europe, Purple Disco Machine is yet again providing the sonic landscape for fans to flourish and become immersed in the Dresden producer’s funk-fueled world. This new record pays homage to his roots and confirms his “present-day king of disco” title.

Containing iconic samples from ‘Ain’t He Bad‘ by First Choice and ‘Fascinated‘ by Company B, the German musician once again showcases his passion for the vast history of disco and supplies a contemporary twist. ‘Bad Company’ exudes excitement and suspense from the moment you click play, with striking synths and loud horns, paving the foundation for Purple Disco Machine’s signature piano chords, funky bassline, and enchanting rhythm.

The colorful music video for the track was shot at the Venice Beach Boardwalk by director Katie Paul with the incredible Bob’s Dance Shop who are also touring with Purple Disco Machine on select dates. Bob’s Dance Shop is an immersive entertainment experience, a paradise of self-expression, empowerment and community, blending dance, music, fashion and spontaneity. 

‘Bad Company’ embodies the spirit of Purple Disco Machine’s past club hits such as ‘Dished (Male Stripper)’, ‘Body Funk’, ‘In My Arms’ and ‘Playbox’ which undoubtedly captured the hearts of fans and producers across the globe. Expect it to dominate the summer, where the producer will be commanding thousands of disco heads at a collection of shows in Ibiza, festivals such as Splash HouseWe Are FSTVL, and Tomorrowland. Obviously, his perfectly trimmed mustache and collection of tropical shirts will also be along for the ride.

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