[Watch] Fred Again.., Four Tet & Skrillex’s Full Coachella Set

For all those that missed the live stream or fans looking to relive that live experience the most awaited full Coachella set is out now.

Fans that were geared up for Weekend Two of Coachella had been disappointed during the week leading up due to Frank Ocean mishap. Blink-182 along with an OMG TBA (??) stepped up to the occasion. To our greatest surprise OMG TBA was our favourite trio!! Fred Again.., Four Tet and Skrillex have been unstoppable since their congregation last year.

Performances Since January 01

The trio last performed together in New York giving fans the craziest week of 2023. They sold out their Madison Square Garden show in minutes after their school bus performance at Times Square. Prior to that they played three surprise shows in London. When the world found out who was behind OMG TBA we could not contain our excitement. The boys really had set a tone for their Coachella performance.

The Coachella set up for them was one of the biggest boiler room setup to replace Frank Ocean’s ice rink. They played countless hit tracks like ‘Baby again‘, ‘Danielle (Smile On My Face)‘, and ‘Rumble‘ amongst many more. Check out the full track list here. But what got the crowd most talking about were pop songs HOL!‘s “Country Riddim and inclusions of tracks from Carly Rae Jepsen, Miley Cyrus and many more.

Fred again.. just released Secret Life with Brian Eno on Four Tet’s Text Records. Skrillex has released two albums this year and rumor has it there will be two more. Four Tet is performing his Squidsoup shows in the US and London and has a new album in the works. The trio have a very busy year ahead of them.

Coachella show stopper closing performance is one for the books and you can now experience it from the comfort of your home. Checkout the performance on Youtube! Stay tuned for more exciting news with us here at EDMTunes.