Hardwell and Sub Zero Project Join Together For ‘Judgement Day’

After having one of the most energetic sets on Ultra Music Festival Miami 2023 and several releases with a systematic exploration between the rave, techno, and progressive house sounds, Hardwell continues his journey through his comeback. The DJ and producer gifts fans the highly anticipated collaboration with hardstyle legends Sub Zero Project,Judgment Day’ via Revealed Recordings.

Following ‘Balança‘ with VINNE,Twisted‘ with Will Sparks, ‘Sloopkogel‘ with Quintino, ‘Revolution‘ with Maddix and Timmy Trumpet, and The Seduction EP with Olly James and a B2B set with the hardstyle duo in Bangkok, Hardwell unveils his six and final ID door. This track, before the name confirmation, created some buzz amongst fans throughout 2022. As videos began to surface on social media feeds, many fan pages and fans confirmed that it is a collaboration between the Dutch hardstyle duo and Revealed frontman.

Hardwell raised the hype for this single even more when in his presentations, parts of the Rebels Never Die tour, he made a mashup of this ID with Ran-D‘s ‘Zombie‘. This release is far from Hardwell’s first forays into hardstyle but is a candidate to be one of the most iconic themes in the Dutchman’s comeback campaign, which competes with other epic comebacks, such as Skrillex’s.

Hardwell Sub Zero Judgement Day

Hardwell and Sub Zero Project- Judgement Day

At the same time, Sub Zero Project is not about unknown talents, unless you are far from the Dutch scene or hardstyle. In recent years they have conquered the charts and the biggest festivals in the world with a conservative but at the same time innovative sound that has made them the title of the greatest exponents of the genre and composers of several iconic tracks for events like Qlimax.

This new big-room techno that the producer brings is alive and thriving from the start of ‘Judgement Day’. Dark techno kicks on top of a low sub created for the foundation needed on acid and hard elements. The kicks, hats, and the female voice of the start add an erotic element but suddenly are disrupted by the hard build-up coming from Sub Zero Project and the masculine voice saying “No one escapes from judgement day”. The violent big-room techno intro and the hardstyle climax create an explosive sound that will have you dancing all night long in full force.

You can listen to Hardwell and Sub Zero Project- ‘Judgement Day’ below!