Tulum Will Force Bars And Clubs To Close Earlier

Popular resort destination in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico, Tulum has just announced new closing times for bars and nightclubs in the area — starting Friday, March 17th this year, and are expected to remain in place throughout the busy spring and summer season. This is a part of a broader effort by local authorities to handle noise pollution from parties and nightclubs that has plagued local inhabitants and tourists. Tulum has been a hotspot for all sorts of concerts and music festivals for some time already, prompting authorities to create regulations that ensure optimal quality of life for residents and visitors. 

Under the new framework, noise levels in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Tulum’s coastal area — where most popular nightlife establishments are located — cannot exceed 65 decibels after 1 AM and will also have to close by 1:30 AM. Nightclubs in the downtown area will have slightly more generous closing times, and are allowed to play music until 2 AM, and will have to close by 2:30 AM. Law enforcement will be patrolling Tulum nightclubs to ensure compliance.