John Summit Releases Soulful New Single, ‘Where You Are’

John Summit Where Are You

John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are

Following his rework of Schak‘s ‘Moving All Around (Jumpin’), and a foray into techno with ‘Revolution,’ John Summit is once again back with something completely different — a soulful track entitled ‘Where You Are.’

When I first premiered ‘Where You Are’ at the LA Coliseum, I was absolutely stunned by the reaction it received and I knew right away this track would be something special. Every time I play it out it’s easily the most powerful track in my sets and I truly feel like it’s my best record to date.”

‘Where You Are’ encapsulates the feeling of longing for another person, through Summit’s emotive melodic production and Hayla’s powerful vocals belting sentiments like ‘I get this feeling, I wanna be where you are. An instant house hit that will undoubtedly take the festival circuit by storm this summer, ‘Where You Are’ proves that he is as versatile a producer as they come.

John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are | Stream