Hardwell Stuns With Remix of ‘Miracle’ by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

Ultra Music Festival has come and gone but the memories live on, with Hardwell’s remix of ‘Miracle‘ by Calvin Harris. Ever since Hardwell returned, he’s shown the world who he is and continues to be. He came into the scene as a big room master. But now, he’s throwing fans an uplifting trance remix of the track featuring Ellie Goulding’s vocals. The original track holds retro electro vibes with a bouncy, flavorful rhythm. It epitomizes what dance music is, where Ellie’s vocals lend a hand to its ambiance. Synths stutter and build with the melody. Emotive arpeggios invoke power.

Now enter Hardwell’s version. He gives it the rolling bassline with that uplifting bpm we love to dance to. Throwing up the lyrics on stage for the crowd to sing to, I think his version shocked everyone that listened. At first listen without glancing at who was playing, would you have guessed it was him? He sang along with much excitement and the crowd reciprocated his energy back. This song can be the anthem of Ultra Miami 2023. Whether you open, close, or play it within a set it’s sure to light the dance floor on fire.

Backed by the lasers and skyline at night, Ultra completed another successful year. Live sets can be found here. 2024 is already on sale! Ultra did reach an agreement with the City of Miami to remain at Bayfront Park through 2027. If this remix is not an indication to go, then what is? The Dutchman is hard at work showing 2023 who’s boss. With several releases and remixes under his belt since his return, and diving into the underground sounds, we eagerly wait to see what is next.

For his full Ultra set, check it out here. Will we see this remix as a release? One can only hope. For now, relive it with the video below.

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Hardwell Remix)