Calvin Harris Shares HQ Preview of ‘Miracle’ With Ellie Goulding

The iconic duo surprised everyone with an unexpected direction for their upcoming track, but made sure to deliver.

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We’re seriously scratching our heads at EDMTunes trying to figure out how these two managed to leave us speechless yet another time, when we thought we had heard it all. And then they came up with this. Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding are among the artists we are all begging to collaborate and make a new hit together, a hype rightfully earned from their EDM shapers ‘I Need Your Love‘ and ‘Outside‘.

The start of this year had the duo in the spotlight once again, from when Harris shared a picture of him and Ellie in the studio together mid-January. Little did we know this new conjoint work would take so little to become something massive. We first thought it would be a House/Progressive House kind of thing. Then, in a later teaser, we learnt the BPMs didn’t belong to those genres, so we assumed it would be some sort of Trap beat. But then, a ‘Miracle’ happened.

The ‘Miracle’ artwork.

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding’s ‘Miracle’

We only had a rough idea of how Ellie’s vocals sat on top of a beautiful atmosphere. We heard it in a studio preview and inside a church. It wasn’t until Calvin’s Lima date that we finally learnt which style they were following with this new track: Trance. But not any kind of trance: the old trance. We’re talking 90s tints all over, we’re talking jumpy offbeat bass, we’re talking Robert Miles‘ kind of piano. That kind of Trance. And, to be honest, I don’t see anyone complaining about it. We all seem to love this trip down memory lane.

Harris uploaded this minute-long preview of the sublime ‘Miracle’ recently. Have a listen yourself. Come on, delight your ears, and calm down your nostalgic sweet tooth.

Did your jaw drop as far into the ground as ours did? Ellie’s voice in a trancier type of beat is that one combination we didn’t know we needed. Their song is a playful and melodic, yet raw one. Every detail adds to the recipe. It does capture the old way of producing music. Yes, you’re allowed to repeat the preview.

Now comes the anxiety of the wait. We seem to be really close to a release date, as Calvin has hinted on several occasions that it’s coming to all platforms much sooner than we might expect. In fact, you can already pre-save the amazing release! Click here to add Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding’s ‘Miracle’ to your favourite streaming service. Want to help yourself with the duo’s past collabs? Listen to this Spotify playlist by dear writer Elliott Mejia, down below.

We can only hope that one of Harris’ highlights of every night of his South America tour is released soon. The buildup to this one has been massive, as massive as the song itself came to be. Here at EDMT we’re fingers crossed for either a release date or a surprise release one of these days when the clock hits midnight. After all, we can hope for yet another miracle, can we?