Calvin Harris Updates Socials On Upcoming Collaboration With Ellie Goulding

The producer shared a video snippet of isolated vocals inside a Logic Pro file, fueling fans’ hype.

Please notice this is part two of an ongoing news piece. Click here to read part one.

Is it one of the most iconic EDM duos ever? Possibly. Both DJ & producer Calvin Harris and singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding have had whopping solo careers, yet there’s something really sweet and pleasant that comes with each song they make together. With the astronomical successes that both ‘I Need Your Love‘ and ‘Outside‘ had in the past, having not only been atop the Dance charts back when they released but also crossing over to the Pop charts, it’s safe to say fans of both get together whenever these two giants collide. And that’s exactly what’s happened since mid-January, when Harris tweeted “Back in studio with @elliegoulding !! 💿”, along with a picture of both actually working on the studio. The tweet’s here by the way.

Well, Calvin Harris has since updated fans on Ellie’s new conjoint work. This time it’s not a picture, but a video. Ellie Goulding’s lone lead vocals and harmonies are sitting inside what seems to be the project file they’re working on. The vocals seem to sing about love, with phrases that appear to be “when you hold me (…) it’s a different high (…)”. The comments on the post went crazy, with many expressing excitement about the collaboration. The response to the clip also focused its attention on the tempo of the file: 143 BPM, rendering fans absolutely clueless as to what style and mood the song might have. Perhaps it’s time we see a Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding work outside of the 125-128 BPM, festival progressive house league, judging by the former’s latest heavily funk, R&B and Hip-Hop oriented LP, ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2’.

Preview the collaboration down below.