Gorje Hewek, Amonita, Makebo – ‘Never Been’

It’s not often that three organic house masters team up for a song, but when they do, the result is bound to be brilliant. Gorje Hewek, Amonita and Makebo just released their track ‘Never Been’, a delicate yet groovy take on Catching Flies’ song ‘Satisfied’.

True to the individual style and sound of each musician, the collaboration has you hooked from the very beginning with its lively percussion, followed by a nifty bassline. The trio progressively add to the melodic atmosphere with the use of soft pads, occasional live instruments, strings, and the signature bluesy vocal from the 1942 piece by Florence Stamp ‘Satisfied’. The track is beautifully composed from start to finish.

(Left to right) Gorje Hewek, Makebo, Amonita

The three artists have had great careers. Gorje Hewek is the founder of record labels Shanti Radio (former Shanti Radio Moscow) and Peace Symphonies. Amonita and Makebo have also created a label of their own, Rubicunda. All three of them have released music on All Day I Dream and Anjunadeep. Both labels are considered to be among the top labels for Deep and Organic House subgenres.

‘Never Been’ was released on January 12th, 2023, on Hewek’s imprint ‘Shanti Radio’.

Have a listen here for a YouTube play. Alternatively you can listen to the track below. Should you want to support the song any other way, click here.