Avi Sic Welcomes The 50th Episode of Her Radio Show ‘Late Checkout’ And Talks About The Journey So Far

The unstoppable DJ and music producer Avi Sic is welcoming the 50th episode of her flagship weekly radio show ‘Late Checkout’. 

Her open-format and energetic radio show has quickly become one of the hottest programs on the airwaves. Being broadcasted through more than 40 stations worldwide, while featuring top guests, are just some of the milestones this show has reached to date; but its success has only just begun. 

We invited Avi Sic to tell us more about the journey of ‘Late Checkout’ and what’s in store for this exciting show. 

Hi Avi Sic, how are you doing? 

Great, thanks for having me.  

‘Late Checkout’ is approaching its 50th episode! How has the show evolved from the first episode? 

We are currently syndicating on 40+ radio stations across the world (Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, Canada, UK, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Romania, USA, and so many more). When I started this project, it was just me. Now I feature guest DJ’s every other week – big name artists, as well as up and coming producers. Anyone that’s making waves. The show has stayed true to the original idea – an open format electronic based mixshow. It’s a melting pot of different genres but done in a way that is pleasing and exciting for the listener.  

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your time as a radio show host? 

One show a week has become part of my routine now, but at first it was overwhelming to block out that time in my schedule. Now, I plan ahead. I’d say time management has been a good lesson and also it’s an accomplishment.  

Can you tell us more about the biggest milestones of the show so far? 

Adding guests to the show has been huge. The caliber and quality of the artists involved is amazing. I’ve had Blond:ISH, Quintino, EDX, Gianluca Vacchi, Mike Williams and other massive talent, as well as heavy hitting up and comers like Saffron Stone, Jack Wins, and Wave Wave. But in the tradition of open format – I’ve also welcomed top tier club DJ’s on the show (Konflikt, Spryte, Trentino) and industry leader Dani Deahl. It’s really just a celebration of all things DJ. Know that you are listening to the best of the best every time you tune in. Typically, my guest will do 30 min and I’ll do the remaining 30 – so those episodes are very eclectic and fun. 

What has been your favorite part about mixing for your show? And, do you have a top 3 favorite episodes?  

My favorite part is selecting tracks to include. I have so much fun digging for music, searching for talent and going through promos. I’m able to incorporate stuff that I don’t necessarily play live but that I love all the same. Zero boundaries. It’s also been great to shine light on newer producers’ content, and my own ID’s as well. Hard to pick a top episode –  I’ll go with 1, 2, and 3 just so you start at the beginning and catch up on all of them. 

What would you like to implement in the show in the near future? 

It would be great to start having mini interviews with the guests before they do their sets.  

Are there any new genres you’d like to experiment with and feature on the show? 

I’d like to have a few episodes that focus on the Bass, Trap, and Dubstep side of electronic music opposed to the Tech and House based stuff.  

Who would you like to have as a special guest next? 

Dom Dolla or Will Clarke would be insane. But definitely look out for the 50th episode, I have a truly special guest for that upcoming milestone.  

Would you like to say something to the listeners of ‘Late Checkout’?  

Appreciate you guys! The Late Checkout fam is a diverse group of listeners who appreciate music without boundaries and I’m grateful for every one of you. I’ll keep bringing the heat for you. 

Are there any exciting projects coming up for Avi Sic? 

I have a bunch of new music coming out in the new year including one in February on Showtek’s label Skink. I also have a handful of collabs and an official remix for an artist that I’m really excited about. 

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