Above & Beyond Announces Return to The Gorge and No ABGT550

Above & Beyond made some big announcements about their 2023 plans this week. In a change of plans, the Anjuna leaders will be returning to the Gorge for Group Therapy Weekender again this Summer. Originally they planned to wait until 2024. What’s even more surprising is the next piece. There will be no ABGT550 celebration event in 2023. There will be no ABGT celebration event in 2023 at all because the boys will be locked in the studio working on new music.

Although it will be very weird having no ABGT for the first time since 2013(?!), it also means you can almost guarantee a new album will be coming and loads of fresh new music for the next ABGT600 in 2024.

Our gathering at The Gorge is a bi-annual affair, but we’ve decided to bring the next one forward a year! For much of 2023, we’ll be locked away in the studio working on new music, which means we’ve decided not to do a major Group Therapy milestone show next year. ABGT600 in 2024 will be our next all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza, location to be announced. That means The Gorge will undoubtedly be our biggest Anjunafamily event of 2023. Hope you can join us there.

— Above & Beyond Instagram (See full post below)