Infamous Gurning Raver Guy Has Been Turned Into An Action Figure

Y’all remember Shaun Jackson right? You know, the infamous Gurning Raver from the hit YouTube video below. Not only did the video instill all the happiness of old-school raving into those that watched. It showed the world this excitable man. Dancing like no one was watching when really, everyone was. How does the saying go? “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a meme, a legend, and an action figure.”

The lights, the lasers, the good ol’ raving music, and fashion. Those were the times. Kudos to you Shaun Jackson. You did it! Immortalized (and expertly modeled – according to LADBible) into an action figure as an icon of the electronic dance music community. You’ve made nightclub culture fantastic and brought joy to everyone that indulges in the nightlife. The toy is brought to us by Shark Sandwich Toys, where Justin Turner came up with the idea one day. Justin chatted with Shaun and Joe from the toy company and within three weeks, we got this.

Photo Credit: Justin Turner handout

The toy debuts on the market at Raindance Just-In Time Winter series Rave. This is an event held at an underground basement-style club in Fetch, Norwich on December 2nd. Could it be any more fitting? What’s more, Shaun will be there to sign the fresh goods personally. For those in the area, try and see him in person! Better yet, dance battle him. And for those just wanting a piece of toy history, you can have your very own Gurner Raver toy here.