The holidays are here and so is ILLENIUM’s remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’, a mixture of his big chord chops and Taylor’s current most popular song. The release of the remix had no pre-release announcement. It was dropped by ILLENIUM as a surprise to his fans and a tasty treat for Thanksgiving weekend.

Inside ‘Anti-Hero’

The remix of the pop sensation includes a new song structure fit for a EDM track and festival banger. ILLENIUM also added his own electronic drum kit, chorus, and vocal chop to give the already addicting track more rhythm. At this point, you’d think he can can make any vocal track into his own style of insane bass music.

On the vocal production front, the bass artist made sure to leave the crisp and natural sound of Taylor’s voice. He embellishes the main vocal line across the build up right before his signature drop – and that drop is a powerful wave of chord chops with an addicting rhythm to them. Surprisingly, ILLENIUM keeps the vocal line singing over his electronic drop – a rare find in the world of EDM.

Listen to ‘Anti-Hero’ on Spotify.

ILLENIUM’s Current Tour

As one of the biggest artist in the scene, ILLENIUM is always planning something. He constantly headlines festivals and host his own events. This December he has his 2nd Ember Shores and already announced his 2nd Gorge Amphitheater event for 2023. His tour dates are on his website and many still have tickets for sale.