DJ Allure Brings it on Swaggertown Debut

International party rocker DJ Allurehits the ground running yet again with DJ Khaled voice *anotha one*: “Work My Body”. The first thing that jumps out to me about this record is the bass line; I can’t see it doing anything less than running the dance floor at a given venue, Festival, etc. (wherever the ever-performing Allure is on a given night or weekend). 

DJ Allure just signed a single deal with rapidly rising independent record label Swaggertown Records, who like Allure, is known for staying active, releasing quality, and getting things done. Consistency (both in terms of performing and releasing records) is everything in this competitive industry often rooted in “what have you done for me lately” and “Work My Body” is the latest in the 2022 onslaught from Baltimore’s DJ Allure. 

Allure has said that “Work My Body” is being eagerly asked for at all of his shows at this point, obviously a great indicator of the song’s potential staying power since it’s a fairly recent drop. Be sure to grab “Work My Body” wherever you grab music and to follow the tireless DJ Allure across social media.

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