Tomorrowland finally shared the outstanding Tale of Us Afterlife weekend 3 set. The label bosses presented a heartrending audio expedition that reaffirms their sterling reputation over the years, both in the biggest festivals in the world and in clubs with more extended, intimate experiences for all lovers of melodic and deep sounds.

The Italian duo Tale Of Us spent three weeks hosting their special stage for Tomorrowland with an excellent melodic and progressive proposal, just what we expected with these two titans. The iconic festival’s Atmosphere stage was the perfect place to immerse fans in an environment completely out of our world. In this, they experienced the most ethereal sounds, ideal for a journey to the depths of life after our physical death.

Tale of Us Tomorrowland set

This set recorded their mesmerizing approach to club music where they blend emotive melodies and transcendent rhythms, with dance floor-centered beats. This is one of the most anticipated sets both by fans who appreciated the show live and by those who watched the magic of the Afterlife heads through their mobile devices.

This mix concentrates on several of the tracks that we had heard in the previous two weeks, such as ‘Infinity‘, ‘The Answer‘, and ‘Waiting For A Sign‘ with Camelphat. Other themes are 8 Kay’s-Morning After the Rave‘ and Kevin de Vries‘ ‘Dance With Me‘ among them, we see several melodic techno classics, either by Tale of Us themselves or other artists who have marked the history of the label and the world electronic scene.

You can watch the Tomorrowland Tale of Us’ Afterlife whole set below!