San Holo Releases Melodic Single ‘All The Highs’

This week San Holo put out a melodic new single called ‘All The Highs‘, which will give you chills. From start to finish, the song is everything listeners have come to love about San Holo’s harmonious melodies.

His music gives you a sense of calm and euphoria, taking you to a world unlike ours. ‘All The Highs’ truly brings that feeling with the mesmerizing synths and electric beats perfectly crafted to make everyone move their feet.

In addition to the Dutch artist’s most recent release, he worked with Jai Wolf on a track called ‘We Will Meet Again‘ in June. As well as making a move to partner with popular mental health app Calm for his “Stay Vibrant” mix series.

The well-known DJ keeps the ball rolling; to find out more about him, visit his social channels. Moreover, don’t forget to check out San Holo’s melodic single, ‘All The Highs’, below.