We’re gearing up to head to the Redwoods this weekend for Northern Nights Music Festival – taking place at Cook’s Valley Campground on the Humboldt / Mendocino border in northern California. As we’re packing, prepping, and getting more stoked to return to the afternoons spent by the river and evenings under the trees, we’ve got a special list of selects from one of the event’s featured artists this year: Soohan.

Soohan’s project, if you’re unfamiliar, began as a grassroots effort in Baltimore, MD. He has become a name known around the world for his eclectic layering of diverse global sounds and familiar 808s and basslines and has performed at festivals including the likes of Envision, Shambhala, Lightning In A Bottle, and Symbiosis. Today, we’re diving into some of his favorite tracks just ahead of the weekend – and why he’s digging them at the moment.

1. Laeti – Rider Toute La Night

Soohan: I love french pop in the summer.

2. Polo & Pan – Dorothy

Soohan: One of my favorite tunes I’ve heard in the past year. It’s been stuck in my head ever since I came across it.

3. El Alfa El Jefe x Farina – Bendecido

Soohan: I am especially obsessed with the genre Dembow, which hails from the Dominican Republic. This one is from El Alfa’s new album and I have been including it in a few of my sets around the country.

4. 347aidan – Memories

Soohan: Another song that’s been perpetually stuck in my head for the past year.

5. Mohican Sun – Sudden Change

Soohan: Watching the sunset to liquid drum and bass is basically the best thing ever.

6. Koffee – Toast

Soohan: This song speaks for itself. It’s been an anthem for a few years and is one of my go-to songs for an outdoor vibe.

7. Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song

Soohan: This one is kind of a wildcard of the bunch.

8. Eric with a C and Sarine Inna Dream – Take Me Away

Soohan: Stumbled onto this EP when I was in Hawaii last year, and it immediately caught my attention. It was the anthem of last summer for me.

9. BenjiFlow – Deep End

Soohan: Equally obsessed with this song. It’s just so easy to sing along. Definitely one of my all time favorites for summertime.

10. Sampa The Great – Energy (feat Nadeem Din-Gabisi)

Soohan: Lifting up female artists is more important than ever. We have a lot to learn from them.

And as an added bonus, Soohan has shared a few of his latest releases to enjoy while you’re at it. Hit the link to head to Bandcamp for each below, and we’ll see you in a few days!

1. Soyle Beni vs Back Then | SOOHAN

This one is a mashup of No Diggity, popular Turkish and Bollywood Music, and Back Then by Mike Jones.

It’s quite a unique combination. Been playing this on dancefloors at most of the stops on my tour.

2. Heatwaves – Glass Animals (SOOHAN & Sarine Inna Dream Remix)

This one has super summer vibes. I produced this song with my girlfriend, Sarine Inna Dream. It’s a mashup of Aaliyah, Coldplay, and Glass Animals. It’s our first collaboration and it came out so well.

Interested in meeting us in the Redwoods? You can grab tickets to Northern Nights here.