Flume Revealed That He Has an Album’s Worth of House Music

Flume revealed in an interview with NME that he has been creating quite a lot of house music recently. In fact, the Australian producer said that he’s got “a full album’s worth of house music”. Even though the artist is known for slower beats than the four-to-the-floor canvas that is house, he seems to have quite a passion for it.

Flume spoke to NME backstage at Mad Cool Festival a few weeks ago. He talked about the various projects he is working on, including his passion for house music. Back in May, the Australian released Palaces, his third album studio. He did confirm that the album was a source of inspiration for this other project.

“I mean I’ve got a full album’s worth of house music that’s just sitting there that I just need to finish off,” said Flume. “I’ve got loads of demos, some of them have got strong parts for sure. Some of them are trash, most of them are trash, but there’s definitely some bits in there.”

Another interview also revealed that Flume has been working on club music for a while now. Flume said to MusicTech a few months back that he regularly dips his feet back into house music, having started off his electronic music journey by producing dance music.

“I was making other music before my first Flume album, but more clubby stuff. Every six months or so, I get really excited about house music. Then I make a song or two that’s at 120bpm, 130bpm, four-to-the-floor.”

Flum is now reportedly in the U.K., where he’ll be hitting the studio with, amongst others, Fred again… According to NME, this trip will be the “first stuff” he’s worked on since Palaces.

Stay tuned for news!