Swedish House Mafia Unveils Full IKEA Lineup

Swedish House Mafia and Swedish furniture store IKEA are collaborating on an upcoming collection that will is geared toward music producers, DJs and other creators. The name of the collection is ‘Obergransad’ which translates to English at ‘Unlimited’. 

The intention is to offer a furniture set up for those with a limited budget, but unlimited creativity. The goal here is to democratize music production at home, by making production friendly furniture accessible to a lower income bracket. The collection itself allows from everything to the creation of music to the simple enjoyment of relaxing and listening to tunes at home.

The collection will include a desk for prodution, a record player, armchair, as well as interior design solutions and accessories. 

A spokesperson from Ikea said this. “Sound is everything in music, and we have added two speaker stands to the desk in order to bring the  speakers to the ear level. We have also added a pull-out shelf below the desktop. This functionality allows you to have a midi keyboard, for example, in easy reach, while maximizing space on your desktop.”

Swedish House Mafia has been rolling out all the stops since the recent release of their full length album Paradise Again. With a hyped up performance at Coachella with The Weeknd, and now a global tour slated for August, Swedish House Mafia is back, and they’ve got the furniture to add to the varied ways in which they play into our lives.