Maddix Reinvents The Tiesto Classic ‘Lethal Industry’

The future techno and big room talent, Maddix made the titanic mission to reinvent one of the most legendary classics of all the time. ‘Lethal Industry‘ from Tiesto received a tech and future sound remix with many elements of the original track taken to the highest level and at the same time with the utmost respect that a sound relic deserves. Available now through the iconic Magik Muzik trance imprint.

When Tiesto released ‘Lethal Industry’ in a year when trance was the most mainstream of electronic music, it was a milestone. Even more so when he brought out live string instruments and percussion to several of his performances. The track has inspired many DJs and producers, having numerous remixes, edits, and bootlegs.

Tiesto Lethal industry Maddix remix

Tiesto- ‘Lethal Industry’ (Maddix edit)

Maddix has churned out huge tracks and remixes throughout his multi-year career, first with ‘Electric,’ then alongside Blasterjaxx for a track that clearly shows the big room’s reluctance to return to its niche of red-bone fans, yes, we are talking about ‘Purpose‘. We were wondering what would happen if this DJ and producer would translate his unique style into a classic and we can say that he exceeded the expectations of many. For purists, they will like the fact that many elements of the original theme were preserved and for those of us who love reinventions, it is an interesting proposal where past and future go hand in hand to form the tracks that we enjoy in the present.

Maddix did everything possible to preserve all the elements of the original piece, but with a twist more typical of the experimental techno of recent years. Giving Tiesto’s track a more industrial and strident feeling, but without losing the crucial points that make this work one of the most recognized in the entire history of the music scene.

You can listen to Tiesto- Lethal Industry (Maddix Remix) below!