Following the release of recent singles such as Dopamine‘, ‘Into The Unknown‘, and ‘F*cking Society‘, Hardwell fires up the next single for his forthcoming album REBELS NEVER DIE. This time he brings us ‘GODD‘, a single that combines the best of techno, future rave, and big room house sounds.

Marco V‘s legendary track is one of the most emblematic songs on the electronic music scene. Many DJs played this at the main festivals of the early 2000s, this single had an immense number of remixes and live versions to the delight of the fans and now that it continues to celebrate its 20 years of existence, Hardwell decided that its remake would be part of his new move. One where you can ask us if we are going to continue listening to the same old, or we can go further, experiencing new horizons.

Hardwell GODD

Hardwell- ‘GODD’ Single

Although the track has more characteristic parts of the new sound that we have heard since 2020, it has some parts of the hard techno scene of recent times. Indeed, some parts are reminiscent of remixes by more underground groups like Fractions, especially in the vocal part. ‘GODD’ runs with spacious melodies and hands-in-the-air tones that twist through a dropping tempo to give listeners a chance to catch a breath.

The euphoric atmosphere and the thunderous basslines complement the main message very well, the one where we question if we believe in a God who limits us and prohibits everything or in ourselves. A philosophical debate translated into letting ourselves be carried away by the dance floor and the surrounding sounds that revolve around it.

In summary, this latest musical incarnation is an anthem of epic proportions and a fitting single to follow the second tour date from Hardwell’s ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ world tour.

You can listen to Hardwell- ‘GODD’ below!